Ways to Get Rid of Indoor Bugs

Ways to Get Rid of Indoor Bugs

When comes to keeping your home free of bugs, you must be thinking about what should I do to keep off these nasty insects from my house? Naturally, bugs want to live in a nice home as we all want to do. They also need food and water with a roof to live in. Some of these bugs include ant earwigs, cockroaches, flies, centipedes, firebrats, and spiders. So, don’t be worried if you see bugs in your house as we are going to talk about the ways to get rid of indoor bugs in detail. Let’s have a quick look at the article.

How to get rid of the indoor bugs?

Here is how you can get rid of the indoor bugs:

1. Peppermint Oil

Ways to Get Rid of Indoor BugsPeppermint oil is a natural remedy for removing indoor bugs, especially for spiders, mosquitos, ant, and mice. What you have to do is mix 10-15 drops of this oil with eight (8) OZ of water. After mixing them, you need to shake the components. Then just spray it on the doorways, windows, and vents. On a side note, peppermint oil has a good fragrance, making it a great option for removing bugs.

2. Neem Oil

Neem oil is extracted from the Neem tree. This oil has the necessary component to kill or remove more than 200 species of insects. An amazing thing about neem oil is that this is not a toxic oil, meaning that it won’t hurt humans or wildlife. Just spray the neem oil on different indoor plants and remove the bugs forever.

3. Pyrethrin

Pyrethrin comes from the chrysanthemum flower. This element can affect the insect’s nervous system, making them completely vulnerable. So, just use them on moths, flies, mosquitoes, and any hard bodies and watch the magic.

4. Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Diatomaceous Earth is extracted from the crushed fossilized single-cell algae. However, they are not a harmful element for the human race. When it comes to insects, the diatomaceous earth is deadly because it can kill them within 48 hours from dehydration.

5. Flypaper and Insect Traps

Flypaper and insect traps can be a useful way to get rid of the indoor bugs including moths, centipedes, and flies. Just use it with poison-free stick traps and then trap them by luring through scent.

6. Lavender

Lavender is famous for its wonderful scent. It is extracted from plants and it can repel different indoor bugs such as flies, mosquitoes, and moths. You have to place the sachets of dried lavender in the closets. You can also use it along with your cleaning agents. In that case, you need to mix 5-10 drop of lavender essential oil in 80 OZ water. Then spray the mixture in your home and see the results by yourself.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is you will a lot of alternative remedies to remove indoor bugs from your home but the above-mentioned ways are not harmful to human or any wildlife. So, let us know if you want to add to our list by commenting below.