What to Consider In Bathroom Ceiling Fans

What to Consider In Bathroom Ceiling Fans

Bathroom ceiling fans are the most efficient must-haves in any regular bathroom. These bathroom fans can not only provide your home with a good ventilation system but also help save your bathroom walls from moisture and humidity. These ceiling fans are less costly and very useful for personal hygiene and proper flow of air around the house.

Having Ceiling Fans In Bathroom

Ceiling fans are used in bathrooms as a good way to air the bathroom space and protect the walls and corners. More often than not, the humidity stuck in any regular bathroom space can ultimately give rise to a batch of whole other problems like mildew and mold. Bathroom fans tend to remove the extra moisture from such walls, thus preventing wallpapers and paints to peel off or become warped.

The bathroom ceiling fans add ventilation, improve airflow, and reduce the excess humidity in a bathroom space. In addition, these bathroom fans can serve well to remove unwanted odors from the body or products to create a well-ventilated environment. These fans are of tremendous use for times when a homeowner may wish to take a nice steam shower or relax  spa in their bathrooms, which otherwise wreak havoc on the air quality. Thus, they maintain the utmost air quality indoors and keep the homeowner comfortable.

Things to Consider in Bathroom Ceiling Fans

What to Consider In Bathroom Ceiling FansBathroom Fan Size

Choosing the correct and apt size for the bathroom space ensures a good ventilation system in the preferred area. The ability of these fans to shift air flow in CFMs or cubic feet for each minute differs according to their sizes and types. Smaller fans generate lesser CFMs than the larger bathroom fans. You must ensure to choose an apt bathroom fan size, keeping the size of your bathroom in check.

Noise Level

It is very important that the noise emitted by a bathroom ceiling fan must be looked into before purchase. Noise emission can play a great role towards your quality time in the bathroom. A bathroom ceiling fan, which produces deafening sounds, can ruin a peaceful escape and disturb household members too. So a quiet ceiling fan from a well known brand is the way to go if you are looking for a ceiling fan, as those ceiling fans tend to be more effective, better built because the cheaper models don´t move air as efficiently and quietly as a major brand, according to some of the best ceiling fan reviews blogs online.

Hence you must make certain to choose a quieter bathroom ceiling fan while looking for one in the market. If you want a soundless or quieter model, you should choose those fans having a 2 or lesser sound rating and steer clear of the ones with a five or plus rating.


What to Consider In Bathroom Ceiling FansThis can be an interesting thing to take account of while buying a bathroom ceiling fan. Fortunately, there is a whole range of models to choose from in the market, when looking out for the most resilient and efficient bathroom ceiling fan. There are a wide range of such fans to choose from, which can save both on your energy consumption and money.

Take care to look out for the bathroom fans with the right energy star rating. These models consume less than 70% of the energy level used by non-energy star varieties, contributing to much lower energy costs. Also look out for low wattage use, low sound emission, and powerful but resourceful functionality under static force. Hence, to get the maximum savings on the energy costs, go for a bathroom ceiling fan with a good energy star rating like in the Home Climate Center’s Bathroom Exhaust Fan Guide there is a good list of products with energy star ratings you can choose from.


The bathroom ceiling fans in the market come with a large array of additional features as well, which assist in their operation and make the fans more efficient and convenient to use. A number of fan models consist of integrated lights to replace fixtures or include supplementary lighting, while some others have built-in heaters for extra air conditioning.

Also, such a multipurpose bathroom fan is also equipped with separate switches to be used for controlling the particular features. Other good features to look out for are humidity sensors and motion sensors for better convenience of the homeowner or user.


The bathroom ceiling fans are must-haves and an essential apparatus to fix into your bathroom ceiling. These devices can be attached and cleaned easily and can work wonders for the general environment in your bathroom. By ridding the bathroom of unwanted elements, it is also a protection towards your overall health at home.