Where to Eat in Reykjavík Iceland

Where to Eat in Reykjavík Iceland

Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, is currently going through a renaissance in their food items. The dishes served in this region mainly comprise of their own natural elements, such as sharks, blue mussels, Arctic char, barley, lamb, a variety of different herbs like angelica and sorrel, and much more.

Food enthusiasts from all over the world have come together and are presently reveling in such authentic food menus. The city of Reykjavík is bubbling with a huge array of seasonal ingredients and inventive local cuisines for the diner’s ultimate tasting experience.

Places you must visit in Reykjavík to savor most interesting cuisines. Here are some good places to visit in Reykjavík, Iceland, for the best and most interesting food palates:

DILL Restaurant

Where to Eat in Reykjavík IcelandThis eatery is nestled on Reykjavik’s wild bird and wetland reserve, which is a leading cultural venue. The DILL Restaurant provides diners with the New Nordic cuisine, which promotes the neighborhood with seasonal ingredients and food cultures. Diners are warmed with a classic meal of Nordic ingredients, containing a contemporary twist like the plokkfiskur stew or meatballs.

DILL Restaurant’s dining menu is modified every week, consisting of 3, 5, and 7 courses, along with the option of a special menu of matching wines. A few of the most creative dishes by DILL consist of a baked rutabaga served with a crispy millet and cheesy foam, herb cream and celeriac served with a lojrom caviar, and goats cheese and cress.

Kolaportid Flea Market

Where to Eat in Reykjavík IcelandThis is the best area to buy any desired traditional Icelandic food item, ranging from fermented shark, dulse, pickled lamb testicles, pastries, horse sausage, birch cheese, and much more. It is only a few distance away from the Reykjavik harbor. The interior food market is right next to the largest flea market in Iceland, thus combining fun with shopping, food, and music. Also, the friendly food market hawkers put forward tasting in abundance for food enthusiasts to experience and take the food with them.

The Roadhouse

Where to Eat in Reykjavík IcelandThis restaurant is another great haven for non-traditional Icelandic meals. You can get a scrumptious variety of burgers, accompanied by ribs, tap, fries, and shakes. The dizzying taste of the burgers such as the Cadillac, features their local blue cheese, red onions pickles, and arugula. In addition, they have the mighty and ultimate burger dish called The Doughnut, which features their own smoked pork, burger, and eggs, creating a sinful delight.


Where to Eat in Reykjavík IcelandThis restaurant is acclaimed for its top-notch seafood meals from Iceland’s natural resources. This restaurant also supplies its food dishes all over the globe. Some of its featuring items on the menu are the burnt langoustines, and salted cod or blackened monkfish served with lobster spring rolls. The latter is a Malaysian inspired dish.

Slippbarinn at Marina Hotel

Where to Eat in Reykjavík IcelandThe Slippbarinn restaurant can be found in the Marina Hotel, next to the Reykjavik shipping harbor. This eatery has a beautiful sunlit space, serving a range of Reykjavik’s finest creative cocktails, created by a few of Iceland’s most popular bartenders. A few other popular cocktails here are the T-Bird, which features angelica-infused gin, and the Pippi Gonzales, created using dill aquavit. These cocktails are a perfect initiation to a good meal ahead. This eatery is a must-visit in Reykjavik.


Where to Eat in Reykjavík IcelandThis eatery has an interesting Bollywood-themed twist in its décor and set up. Their meals are served to the diners in tiffin boxes made out of metal, as a tribute to the Mumbai’s daba wallas of India. The restaurant does a good job of joining together many different Icelandic elements with the Indian classics, such as cod curry and smoky lamb samosas. These savories are served with their special spicy cocktails in tin cups so that you get a good Bollywood aura around you.


The eating places and joints in Reykjavík, Iceland are mostly out of the world. These authentic chefs perform a great job at infusing and developing traditional classics with an assortment of fresh and non-traditional elements and genres. Their eagerness to experiment with various Icelandic ingredients has produced stellar results. The region is currently known for its newly discovered and promoted food dishes, which have additionally brought in food enthusiasts from across the globe to be engulfed in the ultimate tasting experience.