What to Cook in Your Pressure Cooker

What to Cook in Your Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker is the most useful and time saving tool among all the other inventions by humankind. It is a tool to be used for easy cooking in the day to day purposes. In the present millennium, this apparatus is a common and everyday object used in almost every household around the world.

Whether you wish to make a luxurious and scrumptious meal or a simple home cooked meal, the pressure cooker can come to assist in the most simple and innovative recipes. These recipes can range from the toughest food items like chickpeas and beans to the most complex roasts or stews. We have made a list of the best and easy food items that you can cook in a pressure cooker, along with good tips to get the optimal results while using it and if you are looking for a high quality pressure cooker the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker Review is a product we can´t recomment enough.

Classic food items you can cook in a pressure cooker

What to Cook in Your Pressure CookerChicken with Tomatoes, Chickpeas, and Chorizo: This recipe is a common meal in all American households. The pressure cooker helps elevate and intensify the smoky flavors of the ingredients while the chicken is roasted inside it.

Beef American stew: This is another classic dish, which cuts more than half time through the use of the pressure cooker. The cooker is used mainly for easy tenderizing of a tough piece of beef meat and takes about 45 minutes.

Smoky beans: The pressure cooker can be used to bring out the earthy smell of the beans. You can additionally use some more ingredients while cooking beans in a cooker and gain the optimal tang.

Chicken and bean stew: While preparing a meat-based stew, the pressure cooker can be of ultimate convenience in saving a load of the cook’s time and bringing out the best zest. A cooker can efficiently make your chicken tender by making it fall off the bone level.

What to Cook in Your Pressure CookerMiso Risotto: This a typical dish, which is favored by both vegetarians and non vegetarians. Using the pressure cooker to make risotto is easy and takes hardly five minutes to finish.

Pulpo Gallego: This is a very popular Spanish dish, which requires the help of a cooker. This item uses octopus meat, and the pressure cooker greatly helps in softening the meat in a quick time.

Vegetable soup: The pressure cooker is mostly used in making nutritious soup dishes using items like carrots, beans, peas, and the like. The process of cooking these vegetable ingredients through a pressure cooker takes less than half an hour and brings out its best flavors and juices.

Chicken masala: This is an Indian dish, which is favored by a lot of people. This can be easy to make using a pressure cooker as it takes half the time generally taken to cook the entire dish. In addition, the culmination of different spices, such as black pepper, cumin, turmeric, paprika, coriander, and the like can be highly intensified and brought while cooking in a pressure cooker.

Enchiladas: To make enchiladas, a pressure cooker can come out as a handy tool. Without searing, the cooker tenderizes the vegetables and meat and develops a sauce and filling base as well.

These are some of the top things to make through a pressure cooker. People all over the world use the pressure cooker in a multitude of ways, and you can do the same as well through a little creativity and research on the internet.

Tips for getting optimal results of pressure cooker

Storing it right: It is most important to keep your cooker in top shape through regular washing and cleaning of its valves. Remember to place its lid upturned after use.

Cooking with liquid: The main utility of the cooker is steaming, and hence it is always good to use a good water amount while cooking.

Size: The flavor and texture of food items can be best brought out by slicing them into uniform parts before putting them into the cooker.


The pressure cooker can be used for the ultimate conservation of your time and money. One can make easy and complex dishes at the same time in a pressure cooker, thus taking less effort than most conventional methods. Hence, a pressure cooker is a must-have in any household.