Best Travel Snack Foods for Kids

Best Travel Snack Foods for Kids

Travelling is fun, especially one that includes your entire family and friends. After all, the more, the merrier! When you go out on a planned trip with the family, it can be painless to depend entirely on various processed snacks and takeout foods that you find on your way. When you are traveling with a bunch of kids for a long time, everyone would, of course, start getting hungry and restless.

However, falling back on such unhealthy munchies all through your long trip or vacation can possibly cut down your level of energy and make you feel drained when you arrive at your destination. A road or flight trip often requires some amount of preparation, and it is imperative that you take in healthy food items among other favorite snacks in your packing.

Nutritional snacking will keep the kids healthy, energized, and happy throughout the journey. We have hence prepared some healthy and good-to-eat snack foods for your kids so that you can get an idea of what to carry on such travels.

Granola Bars

Best Travel Snack Foods for KidsThis is the easiest and healthy snack that you can get on an immediate notice, and the best brands are thinkthin and grenade. The high-fiber and low-sugar granola bars can be a terrific way to uplift your kids’ nutrition intake. In addition, they are easier to munch on in comparison to the regular granola.

Yogurt crunchy toppings on a granola bar can be a good idea and turn it into an even more appealing snack to your kid. While traveling, you can use store-bought, pre-packaged yogurt cups, and granola bars to merge on the move, or else just pack your required quantity in a sealed package or container.

Crackers and Cheese

This heartwarming combination makes for a good snack option, which is endowed with carbohydrates, whole grain, and protein. All of these nutrients can help keep your kid full for a long period.

You can prepare your cheese layer at home by cutting it and keeping it in a cool place. You can split your crackers into servable pieces so as to keep the packaging simple or use some apple slices as a substitute for the cheese, which can be even healthier.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits are an excellent source of food during leisurely travels to keep the system energized and healthy. Dried mangoes, dried apricots, banana chips, prunes, raisins, and dried cherries are a few good dry fruit sources that you can take with you on a trip. You can get a varied list of options from the market. However, it is to be noted that sulfite-free ones are better than those with added sugars. Or you can just dehydrate your fruit items yourself at home.

Mini waffles

Best Travel Snack Foods for KidsTo make this yummy snack, just toast 6 or more pieces of waffle, cut them up into strips and pack for your travel ahead. The waffles contain a light and crispy texture and taste like yummy buttermilk. This is a snack, which your kid is sure to enjoy. To make them tastier, you can also carry a yogurt pack for dipping, along with a few fruits to garnish. This will turn your waffles into a more scrumptious and appealing sweet dish.


The hummus dip is an extraordinarily nutritious dip, containing vitamin B6, iron, and folate. In addition, it has a thicker consistency, which can prove to be a good factor for avoiding messy spillage.  You can pack your hummus dip inside any small sized airtight container to keep it fresh. You can also use some further accompaniments, such as a few baby carrots, celery sticks, red pepper pieces, and pita chips for the dipping. These are full fiber and protein meals.

These are some few suggestions, which are loved by kids and can be used as travel munchies. On the next grand trip, you can try to make a few yummy snacks yourself at home or else buy the wholesome prepackaged foods for easy snacking. Only on planning ahead and packing healthier nibbles, it can get easier for you to ignore the lures of fast and junk food items. Plus, your kids can stay healthy on the go when they consume healthy snacks.