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Welcome to the www.food-insects.com web site.

Our objective at this web site is to provide information on the current
 importance and the future potential of insects as a global food resource.

New, the online book:

"The Human Use of Insects as a Food Resource:
A Bibliographic Account in Progress"

Table of Contents and Preface

Chapters 2-28 now online. Please read the Preface to find out how all of this is supposed to unfold.

Important Notice:
May 9, 2003

Site editor, Professor DeFoliart, regrets that because of health and other considerations, it will not be possible temporarily at least, for him to respond to questions from website visitors.


New Additions October 2006

Greetings! Finally, after more than three years, a few new words from your site editor. The last previous addition to the site stated, with the first four words in bright red, "Important Notice: May 9, 2003: Site Editor, Professor DeFoliart, regrets that because of health and other considerations, it will not be possible temporarily at least, for him to respond to questions from website visitors." The emails kept rolling in, however, most with one or more questions.

One arrived, dated August 05, 2004, from an individual with initials "0 K", which said: "Hi: This is a good website, but the information about the ill professor should be removed." 0 K" went on to suggest that if the health of the individual operating the site is bad, the site loses credibility. Item 1 describing my 80th birthday party will help explain that my problem is more one of starting to get a little on the older side rather than chronic illness from eating too many insects. I emailed "0 K", saying "thanks," and told him I would keep his suggestions in mind "if I ever do another revision of the site."

At this point I want to apologize for all of the slow or no responses to letters and emails received during the past several years. I regret very much having been unable to respond satisfactorily to many of you who were in need of additional information. Regrettable, also, it is not yet advisable to remove the notice in large red letters posted at the head of the website in May, 2003, that the editor could no longer respond to inquiries from website visitors. We are, however, always interested in hearing of new happenings or other facts relative to edible insects and we're hoping that, eventually, we will again have the capability of increasing the flow of information via the website.

Specific New Items Added

  1. In a year of highs and lows, the site editor celebrates 80th birthday (Read more...)
  1. One of the lows was a bout with stenosis, resulting in reduced punctuality in answering emails (Read more...)
  1. A message from the east coast jungles of the Big Island of Hawaii (Read more...)
  1. David Gracer introduces Sunrise Land Shrimp, a new company specializing in edible insects (Read more...)
  1. A communication from B. Adamolekun, MD, neurologist at Johns Hopkins University, regarding the link between Anaphe venata and a seasonal ataxic syndrome in Nigeria (Read more...)
  1. Dr. Kenneth Ruddle informs us that he has uncovered a small stack of mint-condition reprints of his 1973 article, "The human use of insects" [food use by the Yukpa of Colombia], published in Biotropica (Read more...)
  1. A communication from Clive Lau, Senior Agricultural Officer working for the Hong Kong Government, with taxonomic corrections to the Regional Inventory for Eastern Asia in our on-line book New Additions August 2006 (Read more...)

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